On a recent episode of a daily NFL talk show created by Pro Football Focus, two PFF analysts made a declaration for which team is the best in the AFC South.

Podcast hosts Trevor Sikkema and Mike Renner are both NFL analysts and reporters for PFF that were alongside each other to create ‘It’s Just Football’, a daily NFL podcast and talkshow.

On Monday’s episode, Sikkema and Renner reacted to every game from around the league, and discussed the state of the NFL. Interestingly enough, when they considered the current temperature of the AFC South, both analysts disregarded the Tennessee Titans, and picked the Jacksonville Jaguars to win the division:

“They have one of the easier schedules in the NFL,” Sikkema argued on behalf of the Jags. “They have an easier schedule than the Colts, than the Titans, than the Texans. I don’t think the Texans are going to be that big of a threat to them. I would tell you their biggest threat is the Colts.”

Sikkema continued to point out what he believed there were major inconsistencies with the other teams that could potentially make a run for the AFC South crown.

“Unless we are still seeing drastic changes from the Colts, unless somehow the Titans become a lot more dynamic and the ball bounces their way, it’s not like they’re running away with it either.” Sikkema argued.

Renner then went one step further. Rather than saying the Jaguars had a chance to compete for a playoff spot, he preemptively gave Jacksonville the crown after a 2-1 start, completely dismissing every other team as ‘flawed’.

“My crystal ball is saying they’re in the playoffs,” Renner responded. “This is the best team in the AFC South right now. I don’t think thats a hot take. I think every other team is so drastically flawed.”

Both analysts make good point. The Titans offense has struggled to stay consistent and dynamic, and they will be up against a first place schedule that will be difficult to  overcome. There is no doubt that they are a flawed team at the moment.

That being said, Jacksonville is just as flawed. They’ve had a fun start to the season, but this is a team that lost to Washington two weeks ago and beat the Chargers with Justin Herbert suffering through a broken rib.

The Titans are looking more like their old selves everyday, and until Jacksonville can prove it head-to-head vs. the Titans, you can not dismiss Tennessee.

The Jags will have a big test this weekend with Doug Pederson returning home and taking on the 3-0 Eagles in Philadelphia.