Tennessee Titans WR Robert Woods spoke to the media over Zoom on Tuesday, and delivered an awesome answer about the culture of the Titans and head coach Mike Vrabel.

Woods was responding to a question that referred back to an interview AJ Brown did with senior NFL insider Josina Anderson on her live stream show The Crew.

Brown told Anderson in the interview that things were “no fun” in Tennessee, and that he’s more free to express himself and have fun playing for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Woods’ response to that is sure to make Titans fans happy.

Woods was asked if he felt Brown’s “no fun” comment were true, and how Tennessee has compared to the cultures in place during his tenure in Buffalo and Los Angeles.

Here’s what the veteran WR had to say:

“I would say every coach and team has their own style, has their philosophy,” Woods said.

“I would say yeah, Tennessee, it is serious. You want guys and a team that takes winning serious, and I just think that’s how it is at practice and in the workplace.”

According to Woods, that culture is evident through the expectation of every player in the building, and fun is a result of preparation.

“You’ve got to come in and work with a purpose. Whether it’s weight room, film…know your job and know your assignment,” said Woods.

“Really I think once you do that, you know your assignment and know what you’re doing, you go out there on Sundays and that’s when you’re able to have fun, play fast, and play loose. Sunday’s are our day. Throughout the week is the working week.”

So there you have it. That’s you winner’s mentality, coming straight from the mouth of a 10-year veteran and Super Bowl Champion.

Robert Woods has been around his fair share of winning cultures and successful franchises. He’s seen and lived what it takes to get to the top.

Winning is fun, and there is a whole lot less winning when a roster lacks the focus and work ethic to do their job the correct way.

Brown may be happy with his new freedom in Philly, but there is a method to Mike Vrabel’s madness. Regardless of the criticism he has received to begin the 2022 season, he remains the reigning NFL Coach of the Year. He has still brought four consecutive winning seasons, and three consecutive playoff appearances to a franchise that had been through a decade of mediocrity.

Let’s also not pretend like Vrabel’s authoritative coaching style takes away from his sensibility. Vrabel is praised as much as any coach in the NFL for the personal connections he shares with his players.

Bottom line, he knows how to win, and those who succeed in Tennessee are those who put work and success over “fun.”

Image via Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports