The Tennessee Vols baseball team is easily the most hated college baseball team in the nation.

It’s partially because the Vols are so good (No. 1 in the nation with a 34-3 record) and partially because of the energy that Tennessee plays with on a weekly basis.

The Vols love to have fun. That means brash home run celebrations that include a fur “home run coat”.

Tennessee head coach Tony Vitello appeared on the “Bussin with the Boys” podcast this week and he explained the origin of the coat.

“Our guys (last season) came up with a hat they would wear, which became really popular,” explained Vitello. “The fans wanted to see it stay, this team wanted to be kind of their own team, have their own identity. So they carried over the hat theme but added on to it by having this fur, or mink [coat] — I’ve never touched it. It’s got to be nasty by now.”

“It’s a coat, it could be a woman’s or a man’s coat that you would wear to a 70s gangster party. They throw it on the guy who hit the home run so he kinda looks pimped out. The fans love it.”

Vitello also managed to throw a little shade at opponents who seem to take issue with the Vols’ style of play.

“If opponents have things they do when they celebrate nowadays if you’re wasting energy on that you’re wasting energy in the wrong place,” said Vitello.

Tennessee baseball has become must-watch television even for non-baseball fans.

Vitello letting his players show their personality is a big reason why the team is playing so well and why so many folks — even those outside of Tennessee — have started paying close attention to Volunteers baseball.

Featured image via Jamar Coach/News Sentinel / USA TODAY NETWORK