Legendary Houston Oilers quarterback Warren Moon never played a down for the Tennesese Titans.

But in the record books, he’s a member of the Titans franchise.

Moon had his jersey retired by Tennessee in 2006 in a stadium where he never played (Moon twice visited Nissan Stadium, then called Adelphia Coliseum, with the Kansas City Chiefs, but he didn’t play). His records are all part of the Titans’ record book.

That’s because when the Houston Oilers moved to Memphis in 1997, Moon’s records made the trip north (and later east…to Nashville).

So how does Moon feel about being attached to a franchise in a city where he never played?

Moon appeared on 104.5 The Zone’s 3HL on Wednesday from Radio Row at the Super Bowl and he touched on his connection to the Titans.

The nine-time Pro Bowler admitted it was weird at first, but Moon has since accepted it.

“I always had mixed feelings,” said Moon when asked about his records being associated with the Titans. “I remember when I came there, I think it was right after I retired, they retired my number — all my records and my history are with the Titans — so I remember addressing the crowd at half time during the ceremony and I’m saying thank you to all these people that have probably never seen me play in person.”

“It was a really different feeling for me because here I am, I got my number retired and a jersey and I had never played in that stadium before. But that’s kind of what happens with big business in football — teams move around, their history moves around with it. That’s kind of part of my history.”

It’s certainly a weird position for Moon to be in. He’s one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. Yet the team where he made his name no longer exists (at least not the way that it did).

Maybe if the Titans wear Oilers throwback jerseys in the next year or two — which is now possible thanks to the NFL changing their helmet rule — it’ll make Moon feel more at home.

Featured image via Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports