Former New England Patriots linebacker Bobby Carpenter told one of the best Mike Vrabel stories this past week that you’ll ever hear.

During an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, Carpenter told a story about how Vrabel, the current head coach of the Tennessee Titans, dusted him and his Ohio State teammates during some college workouts back in the day. Vrabel, who played at Ohio State in the 90s, was apparently in Columbus to work out in the mid-2000s when he showed up, didn’t warm up, and proceeded to own everyone on the field.

“We’d be running with Vrabel…he wouldn’t do any warm-up,” said Carpenter. “He’d come in there — we’re over there warming up — and he’s like 32 years old at this point, we’re 22 and in college.”

“We’re like ‘you don’t warm up?’ and he goes ‘You know I smoked a pack of heaters this weekend and drank a case of beer on Saturday and I will smoke all you guys’. And at first, I thought he was joking and then he would just dust everyone and talk mad trash while he was doing it.”

“That became my goal,” added Carpenter. “Can I end up being a little bit like Mike Vrabel, the dude that’s running with a chew in and in between sets he’s got his like his five and seven-year-old sons — now one of them plays at Boston College — and he’s like yelling at them to quit climbing on the equipment.”

We already know that Vrabel is a legend when it comes to trash talk. So it’s not a surprise to hear that he trashed talked some college kids while showing them up on the football field.

There’s a reason that Vrabel is one of the most popular coaches among NFL players — he’s essentially a head coach who still has a player’s mindset. That’s what makes him relatable. It also gives him an edge as a coach as he can approach the game as both a player and a head coach.

Featured image via George Walker IV / / USA TODAY NETWORK