Tennessee Titans fans, the rookies are at it again.

One of the most entertaining everyday stories from Titans training camp has been the daily battle between rookie WR Treylon Burks (2022 first-round pick) and rookie CB Roger McCreary (2022 second-round pick).

Every rep the two take against each other in WR-DB 1-on-1s provides another must watch clip, as the two have stayed physical and competitive on every play.

To open Tuesday’s practice, Burks and McCreary matched up against each other with the rest of their Titans teammates looking on:

There’s so much to love about this play.

McCreary initiates contact off of Burks’ release to force him wide, and does an excellent job of breaking down with the route to stay right on top of the receiver.

Burks uses his size advantage to create space coming back to the ball, and attacks the football with his hands, allowing him to secure possession and drop his knee to the ground for a completed catch.

Textbook execution on a highly competitive and formative rep from two young players who are eager to make their mark and earn respect.

After practice, I had a chance to speak with Treylon Burks about his friendly rivalry with McCreary and how the two help each other grow.

“That’s my boy. We come from the SEC together, and in the SEC it’s physical every day,” Burks said about his relationship with McCreary. “We just bring that to the Titans and hope we can share it with everyone else.”

The Titans rookies are setting a fantastic example for the rest of the team and rookie class. Simultaneously, they are gaining quite the reputation for being hard workers and good teammates. It’s a cool relationship to watch.

That’s huge from your first two draft choices this early.

Hopefully the Burks v. McCreary saga continues and we get more exciting moments like today in the future.

The Titans would be better for it.