NASHVILLE — One of the biggest questions of the Tennessee Titans latest offseason: is the 2022 roster an improvement on what the team fielded last year? Given the nature of an absolutely stacked AFC, it is a fair question to ask.

Tennessee has plenty of questions before coaches and players report for training camp on July 26.

Free agent movement and massive trades set the stage for the upcoming NFL campaign. That the vast majority of movement brought even more of the best players in the sport to the Titans’ side of the bracket this year is no coincidence. Clubs understood that the conference was talent top heavy heading into this Spring.

Everything that has happened in the interim has only seen more AFC teams try to bring themselves to a higher tier.

Did the Titans do enough?

An age old question many in Tennessee’s organization are tired of hearing.

The Titans do not necessarily believe that they are beyond reproach, but consistent downplaying of a proven body of work clearly irked many at Saint Thomas Sports Park. To flesh the discussion out further, did Tennessee’s personnel changes still give them the advantage to win the AFC South? It seems that discussing the Titans potential for success of failure in 2022 comes down to one transaction far too often.

Trading wide receiver A.J. Brown to Philadelphia in April takes up entirely too much air.

It is completely understandable. A star player at a position that has grabbed a considerable amount of headlines for massive contracts in the months leading up to Brown deal is the kind of offseason fodder we live for. Tennessee certainly is not a better team for having shipped off their most talented target, but his absence does not outright doom him the way some headlines might lead you to believe.

The Titans best hope to mitigate such a substantial loss is to obtain greater balance in the passing game.

Tennessee Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill (17) throws a pass during practice at Saint Thomas Sports Park Tuesday, June 14, 2022, in Nashville, Tenn.

Tight End Time in Tennessee

We have written at length about the additional targets Tennessee acquired this offseason to more reliably support quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

None have proven more important thus far than increased competency at tight end. While no Titans target in 2022 may have the same kind of high-end ceiling that makes Brown special, one player cannot be consistently depended on to shoulder so much of the offensive workload. Brown’s target share at the wide receiver position over the last two seasons is second only to Davante Adams of the Las Vegas Raiders.

Where Tennessee will make up ground when it comes to a dearth of explosive plays (20+ yards) is still the greatest concern.

The plan moving forward is to first focus on surrounding Tannehill with a consistent line-up. Disrupting the quarterback with a front tailor made to do so will be the Titans greatest advantage as they adapt to their new parts and pieces. In reality this roster is probably somewhere between the 8th or 10th most talented in the AFC.

How Mike Vrabel and his coaching staff find ways to maximize the skillset of their personnel is not something anyone will be able to discern until their is at least a month-long sample size of in-season work.

Tennessee fans are basically being asked to “Trust the process.”

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