You may have seen the news on Thursday morning that Wyoming transfer wide receiver Isaiah Neyor, who committed to Tennessee just two weeks ago, flipped his commitment to Texas. It’s not a devastating loss given the talent that the Vols have at wideout but it’s certainly not good.

And you also may have noticed that with Neyor’s flip, Tennessee and head coach Josh Heupel have gotten almost no transfer players to come to Knoxville so far in the offseason. Quarterback Navy Shuler, tight end Charlie Browder, and offensive tackle Gerald Mincey make up the full list of transfers into UT so far.

There is yet to be a single defensive player transfer to Knoxville in 2022. And it’s not that we’re not appreciative for the additions of quarterbacks and offensive linemen but the Vols’ defense is brutally low on depth.

So, why exactly does Tennessee seem to be struggling to bring in transfer players when they need them so badly and seem to have plenty of potential playing time available?

Local Knoxville radio host Tony Basilio may actually have the answer. Basilio wrote this in his daily blog on Thursday

“Tennessee Is Self Mandating Scholarship Reductions … How they’ve gotten there is by aging out those that have left and encouraging others to hit the portal. I hear Tennessee has hovered around a number in the low 70’s dating back to the beginning of each semester. The first day of classes Tennessee must be at their desired scholarship number. I hear the number is somewhere between 72-74 which will leave Tennessee locked out of the transfer market as they’re already at their number as you read this.

“The only way Tennessee could add a player like Trelon Smith is to either cut an existing player from their roster and thus send someone into the portal or encourage an early enrollee freshman to not enroll until May.”

There are further details in Basilio’s blog on the situation and you can and should read the whole thing here.

Assuming Basilio’s assertions are true, this is yet another horrific thing that we can thank Jeremy Pruitt and his idiotic crew for. We can certainly debate whether or not Tennessee’s administration should have investigated the program and punished itself like it is or just paid Pruitt to go away, but regardless, it’s happening and there’s really no going back now.

Basilio also indicated in his blog that these restrictions may resolve by fall practice and hopefully that comes to fruition. The Vols badly need bodies to fill their roster and the transfer portal is ripe for the picking. So let’s just get this over with and get Heupel the talent he needs ASAP.

Featured image via Alan Poizner / USA TODAY NETWORK