The Philadelphia Eagles have one of the best offensive lines in football. Scratch that. They have the best offensive line in football. Thankfully, they will be healthy for their playoff matchup against the New York Giants.

A big reason why is because of the center position, which they have the best in the league at that position. Jason Kelce has been the best at the position, or at least one of the best, and everyone around the league has respect for him. Even Giants defensive lineman Dexter Lawrence.

“He’s little and he’s scrappy,” Lawrence said. “He knows how to get his body in a good position, he knows how to manipulate defensive linemen and the guards do a good job pounding down and helping when he needs it.”

We all love Kelce, I mean, how could you not? I guess the Kelce brothers have good jeans because everyone seems to like both of them. But Jason Kelce is a staple of this team. He is the Eagles, and he is Philly – hard-nosed, grit and grind.

The Eagles will need Kelce on Saturday because Lawrence and company don’t play around when it comes to rushing the passer and stopping the run. The Eagles will need the entire offensive line, but, Kelce is the leader and veteran of the group.

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