The Philadelphia Eagles didn’t have a great game last week on Monday Night Football, as they lost to a division foe in the Washington Commanders.

A large part of that were key players making mistakes, whether it be turnovers, which was their worst game of the season in that sense, or penalties.

They cleaned those up a bit, but still didn’t play their cleanest game.

Last week, it was receiver Quez Watkins with the fumble on what would have been a long touchdown to put the game away. Then it was defensive end Brandon Graham, with the costly penalty that would have given the Eagles another chance at a win.

Those two, however, had huge games in the fourth quarter of their game against the Colts to try and make amends for the costly errors they had from the week before.

“It was so sweet,” Sirianni said bluntly when asked about how cool it was to see those guys make up for their mistakes last week.

“You know, I love that this is such a great part of this game. You get to win, lose, good play, bad play, you get to move on, and play the next play. It’s like life, right? You get to move on and play the next play no matter what, and all you can control is that next play…”

Sirianni could not have said it better. He knows those guys can perform at high levels, so he is going to give them another chance.

It isn’t like they are going to be pulled from the starting lineup next game because of their mistakes from the last. No, Sirianni trust them, and the last game was the last game. They showed that they can wipe that, and start over.

“To see what those guys [Quez Watkins, Brandon Graham] were able to do and you know come in there and make plays, speaks to who they are as people, speaks to who they are as players, that they are truly in the moment, both of those guys.”

They were both in the moment. Both guys made some huge plays to keep the game within a reach, and both made plays that essentially went on to help the Eagles win the game.

“Quez, obviously he had a touchdown, but he had a big third down conversion too, where he had great ball security… and BG [Graham] just has this knack of making plays in critical moments, as this entire city knows. It’s great that those two guys made big-time plays, but it doesn’t surprise me.”

Should any of us be surprised by now? Seriously though.

Graham and Watkins may not be national names everyone knows outside of the Eagles fan base, but they have both been very good at their respective roles for some time now.

We saw the touchdown that Watkins made, on the drive that started the fourth quarter. With 13:37 left in the last quarter, Watkins hit the Indianapolis defensive backs with a crossing route from 22 yards out to bring the Eagles within three points.

Brandon Graham started the first defensive possession of the fourth quarter, literally two plays after Watkin’s touchdown, on a first and 10, but stopped Jonathan Taylor for no gain. That stop would eventually lead to a forced fumble a few plays later, with Philly recovering.

Then, we all know what happened at the end of the game. With 45 seconds left, the Colts have the ball near midfield on third and nine, and Graham just annihilates the opposing offensive lineman and gets the sack on Matt Ryan.

Oh yeah, all of these plays I just mentioned, were in the fourth quarter alone.

These guys stepped up all day because they had to. Last week was a bad game, and everyone has them. This week, they showed that they can get right.

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