Jalen Hurts, often criticized for leaving the pocket too early and not moving the ball vertically downfield, silenced some doubters after Week 1 of the Philadelphia Eagles’ preseason.

He went 6-for-6 on pass attempts for 80 yards, and his play drew praise from Eagles coach Nick Sirianni, who loved Hurts’ decision-making throughout one series and exalted his ability to remain unfazed in difficult situations.

I thought he was great,” Sirianni said on the team’s official website. “He made plays in the pocket when he needed to make plays in the pocket, and when he needed to escape, he escaped. I think it’s also to be known that leaving the pocket isn’t just something that you see when the protection breaks down. I think that people think like, oh, he left the pocket early, and the protection was good. Well, sometimes nobody is open. And sometimes the defense calls a good play and it’s not a good look in the coverage.

“So, it’s not as easy to say that the protection broke down, so he left, because that’s obvious. And I think the thing that is not as obvious is, again, what I said, somebody slipped on a route out or the defense played a good coverage and there wasn’t anybody open and he’s trying to create with a scramble. I thought he did a great job of that. I thought he played a good football game first drive, and we’ll just look to build on that.”

Jalen Hurts is unfazed

What appears to have grown in Hurts is his sense of calmness and self-reassurance. During his one series against the Jets, he scrambled on a third down play and was hit late. Hurts didn’t allow his emotions to take over, he moved on to the next play.

It’s a mark of a leader and someone that knows just how good they can be.

But, you don’t have to take my word for it. Sirianni saw and appreciated the way Hurts handled himself in that situation as well.

“He’s pretty unfazed and that’s a great quality to have as a quarterback because he’s going to be unfazed in the first quarter, he’s going to be unfazed in the second quarter, third, fourth,” Sirianni said. “That is a great quality to have in a quarterback.”

As things stand now, Hurts’ hype as a star in this league appears to only be getting started. And with strong backing from his coach, Hurts should possess all the confidence a starting quarterback should have moving forward.

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