Jalen Hurts has made an indelible mark on the NFL this season.

As an early season MVP candidate, Hurts has done little wrong when he has the ball in his hands. Hurts’ play has propelled the Philadelphia Eagles to new heights and expectations, but the reason the Eagles are able to put a good team around him comes from one simple fact.

He makes roughly $1 million this season.

Meanwhile, he’s playing at a level for a player that should make $30-$45 million.

In a recent story by Sports Illustrated, they estimated that Hurts is the most undervalued player in the NFL.

The consensus would have to agree.

Through three games the Eagles are 3-0. Hurts is top-five in yards and QBR. He’s passed for 916 yards with a 74.7 quarterback rating.

Hurts is also in the top 15 regarding touchdowns. He has four through three games. But what is impressive about Hurts is how he’s actually playing when you sit down to watch him.

How Hurts is playing

Hurts is breaking tackles, running through defenses, and forcing teams to adjust to him. It’s the mark of a player who has felt the game slow down for him.

And as a result, the NFL’s narrative surrounding Hurts has shifted. As it should.

Heading into Sunday’s matchup with Jacksonville, Hurts will be facing his old coach and a chance for some competitive revenge.

What the rest of the season looks like for Hurts is unknown, but he’s shown that on any given Sunday he can be the best quarterback in the league.

When his contract is up, we will see if he gets paid like it too.

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