This team is legit. The Philadelphia Eagles are the team to beat in the NFC, at least that’s how it is looking so far. They are the team to beat for a few reasons.

Their defense is stout. They can play with anyone, and they can do it all. There isn’t a team they can’t defend, as far as I’m concerned. Just ask the Commanders offensive line, as they gave up nine sacks to this Eagles’ defense.

Now, the offense is amazing, too, so don’t get it twisted. They have three great receivers who are all fast and magnificent route runners. They have an amazing tight end and a great running back. Oh, and the best offensive line in football.

They also have Jalen Hurts, who is looking like the best quarterback in the league right now. However, how people are feeling about him now, hasn’t always been that way. He has dealt with a lot of criticism in his young career, and now it seems everyone is going back on their word.

NFL changing its tune on Eagles Hurts

Hurts has dealt with more doubt and criticism than nearly any other quarterback. He gets a lot of the same criticisms that Lamar Jackson does. He is a ‘runner’ and ‘can’t throw’ if you ask a ton of people around the NFL, before this season, that is.

In the past, he wasn’t as good a thrower, no. However, now, he is showing that instead of that being a weakness, it’s a strength. A lot of those doubts stem back to when he was in college, which is ultimately why Hurts transferred out of Alabama when the team realized how much of a better passer Tua Tagovailoa was.

Now, those two are looking like some of the best passers in the league as it currently stands.

According to Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Hurts is due for a big contract after the season, due to his play shown so far. But the question begs, is that because of the play he has had to start the season?

Last year was Hurt’s first full season starting in the NFL, as you probably remember the year before last he only started four games, with Carson Wentz starting the rest.

Last season was really his rookie season, in a way, and he still had a pretty good year. He finished with 3,000 passing yards, 16 touchdowns, and nine interceptions. He also finished with over 700 rushing yards.

This year, he is the highest-graded quarterback by Pro Football Focus. He nearly has 1,000 passing yards in just three games. Hurts also have four touchdowns, one interception, over 100 rushing yards, and three rushing touchdowns.

If the rumor is true about Hurts getting a new contract, he will be in for some big money. Philadelphia better be prepared to break the bank, because this guy is only getting better. Right now, he is one of the best in the league. He also turned 24 50 days ago.

You can read the rest of the Philadelphia Inquirer article here.

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