One of the most popular narratives about the undefeated Philadelphia Eagles (8-0) was put to bed on Sunday.

In today’s world, people are always trying to tear down those at the top. The same thing goes on in the football world.

Talking heads are turning over every rock in order to find a flaw in the Eagles. Philadelphia has been a constant thorn in the side for those declaring the big bad Buffalo Bills as the NFL’s top dog.

In an attempt to further their narrative, these same people have been denouncing the Eagles for playing a weak schedule. After the Bills’ 33-30 overtime loss to the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, that theory now has more holes than the Bills’ secondary.

The Vikings, much like the Eagles, have destroyed preseason projections. Interestingly enough, Minnesota’s lone loss came at the hands of Philadelphia when the Birds downed the Vikings in Week 2 by the score of 24-7.

It wasn’t like the Eagles ran away with it late, either. Minnesota was completely and utterly dominated in all three phases of the football game.

So, now that these teams are starting to see different results against common opponents will the football world finally catch up to what Eagles fans are seeing?

At the end of the day, nobody’s opinion really matters in Week 10. The Eagles will only use the doubters as fuel with the race for the NFC’s top seed likely to come down to the wire.

As for everybody’s Super Bowl pick in Buffalo, they currently sit in sixth place in the AFC playoff picture. When these two teams take a look into the mirror, only one should like what its reflection.

Featured image via Troy Taormina – USA TODAY Sports