After the Pittsburgh Steelers‘ embarrassing 35-13 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, it’s safe to say that their streak of non-losing seasons — which dates back to 2003 — is all but guaranteed to end this season.

The biggest reason the Steelers are 2-6 heading into a much-needed bye week is because of their anemic offense.

Pittsburgh has failed to reach 20 points in five of their eight games this season.

After making the switch at quarterback from Mitch Trubisky to rookie Kenny Pickett, there are no excuses left for Steelers offensive coordinator Matt Canada.

Canada has been a disaster this season. The offense has no identity and Canada apparently doesn’t know it’s legal to throw the ball more than 20 yards down the field.

Unfortunately for Pittsburgh fans, it’s unlikely that Canada is canned before the end of the season. That’s just not Mike Tomlin’s style.

So what can the Steelers do?

Well, they could listen to Tomlin’s predecessor, Bill Cowher, for starters.

Cowher doesn’t like the way Pittsburgh is handling Pickett.

“Right now, I get worried about his (Pickett) confidence,” said Cowher on Sunday. “I’ve seen this happen to other quarterbacks. Take the ball out of his hands. Don’t ask him to do as much as you’re asking him to do. I know we have these receivers and everything else — it’s not about the receivers. It’s about a philosophy on offense that says ‘listen, what’s the best part of your team?’ It’s going to be your defensive side, but that gets worn down after a period of time. There’s no margin of error there.”

“You have to somehow shorten the game with this quarterback,” added Cowher. “It goes back to running the ball, I’d put him back under center. Don’t subject him to being back there and getting sacked six times today.”

Cowher essentially wants the Steelers to focus on developing Pickett for next season and beyond instead of trying to put him positions this year that he shouldn’t be in yet.

At this point, Cowher is right. I thought going into the season that Pittsburgh could compete in the AFC North this year. The presence of Canada, however, has ruined that possibility.

The move now should be to focus on Pickett’s development without destroying his confidence.

Cowher’s been out of the head coaching game for over 15 years, but he’s saying words that Tomlin needs to hear.

And if Tomlin doesn’t listen, 2023 might be his last season as the Steelers’ head coach.

Featured image via Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports