The Buffalo Bills and their beloved fans, Bills Mafia, are still soaking in their recent victory from the NFL season-opener against the Rams.

Josh Allen and company made history, in more ways than one.

However, one specific stat on offense shined above the rest. Specifically, when looking at the history of the team and their issues over the last few seasons.

The Buffalo Bills offensive line was able to protect Josh Allen in a way they weren’t able to all of last season.

A welcome surprise to one of their most significant weaknesses last season.

What’s changed?

A myriad of factors contributes to the Bills historic dominance during the season opener.

The biggest, and most immediate impact, is the addition of Aaron Kromer who the Bills signed this past off-season.

Kromer joined the Bills with an impressive resume.

His previous success included stints with the Raiders, Saints, Bears, Bills, and Rams.

The talented coach has Super Bowl experience along with successful accolades including leading a top NFL offense, a top-5 passing offense, and an offensive line that led the league in rushing. 

Plain and simple, this man knows what he’s doing.

Other factors at play

While Kromer has been a welcome addition, McDermott and Beane have done their own work to beef up the line.

Off-season additions of Roger Saffold, David Quessenberry, and the re-signing of Ryan Bates have been crucial. While fans have been skeptical about Bobby Hart making the roster, even he seems to have improved his game.

That, and the development of young players like Spencer Brown and Tommy Doyle has established a fortified wall in front of Allen.

Protect Allen, at all costs

The Bills started off the year on the right foot, protecting their franchise quarterback.

Kromer still has work to do but the new additions to the team have been fitting in extraordinarily.

You don’t win the Super Bowl by going 1-0, but protecting Allen and giving him time in the pocket will allow the Bills to see continued success.

Whatever Kromer and the team are doing is working, we just hope they can keep it up.

Featured image via Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports