The city of Buffalo is in the midst of a historic snowstorm.

While the team treks to the airport in preparation for their upcoming matchup, the city of good neighbors has done its part.

Videos have surfaced of fans helping Bills players get out of their driveways to make it to the airport in time for their upcoming game.

However, with Josh Allen still dealing with a reported UCL injury, some troubling photos have hit Twitter.

Josh Allen photo hits the internet

While this may be a slight overreaction, it’s still slightly unsettling.

Josh can be seen in good spirits giving his normal thumbs-up gesture as he stands near a shovel, snow up to his knees.

The franchise quarterback shoveling snow, with a bad elbow, is unsettling to say the least.

However, there’s not much more that he can do in the current situation.

Historic snowstorm

Reports have surfaced that the snow in Buffalo has accumulated to the point that it’s taller than Josh Allen.

Nevertheless, having a healthy Josh Allen, and shoulder, is imperative for long-term success.

Josh Allen is just built different

While Bills fans may not love to see their multi-million dollar quarterback out in the thick of it, shoveling snow, it’s a good indication of what kind of man Josh Allen really is.

Josh Allen, on and off the field, will do whatever it takes.

It comes as no surprise that he puts his body at risk both in his personal life and on the football field.

A man who isn’t afraid to hurdle linebacker, stiff arm corners, and truck through defenders won’t let a little snow deter him.

While fans may not love it, there’s absolutely no changing Josh Allen.

Good news for the team

The team got some much-needed assistance from first responders to make the trek to the airport.

While the team has completed operation “Get Buffalo to Detroit” all that there is to do now is wait.

Buffalo will look to bounce back after an abysmal stretch of the season.

Here’s hoping Allen didn’t hurt his elbow too much during the brutal storm.

Featured image via Twitter @jpetramala

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