The Buffalo Bills have done a very good job keeping things under wraps.

Whether it’s injuries, looking into players, or even signing players, they do their best to keep things under wraps

During today’s walkthroughs, Josh Allen wasn’t available to the media.

Many local reporters commented on not seeing Josh Allen at all during the media portion of practice.

However, video has since surfaced that maybe the front office didn’t want to be released.

The star quarterback wasn’t available to the media earlier but was on the field here.

The way that McDermott and Beane run their ship, it may be that they didn’t want to provide any kind of update for their matchup.

Furthermore, combined with Allen running off the field, it’s safe to assume the front office didn’t want reporters to see him.

The franchise quarterback has been sporting an elbow brace for the past few days.

McDermott has discussed that Allen was initially “day to day” but has since changed to “hour by hour” for the star QB’s availability.

Allen, it appears in the video, sprints off the field once he notices cameras are recording.

While this may just be Allen being funny, it’s important to note the status of his elbow in relation to other videos.

Injuries are a big talking point at One Bills Drive as key players have already been ruled out for the upcoming matchup.

One bright spot is the update for Bills’ star linebacker Matt Milano who Sean McDermott announced should be good to go.

Pair that with no news on Tre White, and the Bills appear to be getting some big playmakers back for the matchup.

However, all eyes will be on Josh Allen and his availability to play.

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