The Buffalo Bills got some unexpected injury news.

Earlier this season, star safety Micah Hyde suffered an injury that meant his season was over. Or so we thought.

After a recent interview with Hyde, it appears there is a possibility he could return this year.

Hyde, over the past week, was getting in some extra work during practice. Micah was also doing some light running with other members on the injury report.

After practice, Hyde opened up to The Athletic on his availability and next steps.

The talented safety revealed he has been medically cleared to run a little bit. His next comments should have every member of the Bills Mafia excited.

When directly asked about a possible return this season, Hyde commented “I would love to. I would love to. We’ll see.” Hyde then added “It’s not really up to me. It’s kind of up to the doctors. Historically, no. But I’m not dealing with… those are other people, other situations. So, we’ll see what happens.”

Typically, an injury of this caliber would have the player immediately shut down any kind of speculation.

The fact that Hyde didn’t outright say “no” should be an encouraging sign for Bills fans.

However, the front office has been careful with injuries, likely meaning it would be a long shot for his return.

Nevertheless, this is an encouraging sign with injuries piling up all season.

If Hyde were able to return, the talented Buffalo defense would get an even more significant boost.

Tie that in with the availability of Tre White and the Buffalo Bills’ secondary would be nearly unstoppable.

It’s highly unlikely, but nevertheless an important boost to an injured Bills team.

With the ultimate goal of a Super Bowl, having Micah Hyde back on this team would be a game-changer.

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