There weren’t many who predicted the Buffalo Bills to walk over the Los Angeles Rams like they did Thursday night.

And one of those people was easily Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey.

Ramsey is considered by many to be one of the best cornerbacks -if not the best cornerback- in the NFL, but he certainly didn’t look the part against the Bills.

His worst moment came on the game-sealing touchdown to Stefon Diggs, a 53-yard pass that was the result a third down scramble by Josh Allen. The Bills were up 24-10 as the MVP candidate rolled out of the pocket and away from Rams defenders before firing the deep shot to Diggs, who tripped over his own feet, but managed to come down with the ball as he fell into the end zone.

The touchdown made it a 31-10 game, which essentially put things on ice as the Rams never got back into the game.

And it all happened as Ramsey watched from behind Diggs, because whether it was a blown coverage, a miscommunication, or whatever – Ramsey was burnt toast on the play.

It was a wonderful moment for both the Bills and Bills fans, who have quite the history with Ramsey after he called Allen “trash” a few years ago.

Ramsey also declined to give Diggs proper respect earlier in the week when asked about Diggs’ game.

“He’s good,” said Ramsey. “But like I said I’m not here to blow smoke and talk about how good this person may be or may not be … They probably feel confident. They probably feel the same way that we feeling, but when Thursday comes it’s football. I don’t want to really be nice to nobody. I’m not boosting nobody up.”

“I ain’t gonna lie to y’all,” Ramsey added. “I’m not about to sit up here and boost them up like y’all might want, like maybe other people are doing. I ain’t doing that. I ain’t gonna be extra. They good but we good, too, over here. So we’ll see them on Thursday, we’re gonna play football.

“But I ain’t gonna sit here and boost nobody up. I got respect for ‘em, but I got more respect for the game and the way I prepare and the way my teammates have been preparing and our trust and belief in each other. I’ll boost us up, I’ll talk about us and our preparation, but they can do that with them over there. We’re gonna go out there Thursday and put our best effort out there and do what we gotta do.”

Ramsey also got into Diggs’ face after he broke up an earlier pass.

Well, sure enough, Diggs made sure to clap back at Ramsey and let him know what happened after the big touchdown.

Welcome to one of the NFL’s newest -and biggest- rivalries.

Featured image via Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports