While the thrashing of the Los Angeles Rams is still at the front of minds for Bills fans, one special moment brings us all back.

It’s no wonder since the addition of Josh Allen, the trajectory of this team has skyrocketed.

The Bills went from a playoff hopeful to Super Bowl favorites in just a matter of a few years.

4 years ago today, Sean McDermott made an announcement that shifted the trajectory of the franchise.

The Bills drafted the right Josh

It’s always important to remember those clamoring for Josh Rosen during the 2018 draft.

There were some who believed the Bills took the wrong Josh.

The thought of another failed quarterback was nightmare-inducing for a fanbase that suffered through one of the longest playoff droughts in any major American sport.

Allen proved all the doubters wrong and has ascended into greatness, even teetering on historic, during his young career.

Allen shined early on. If you hadn’t known, he had one of the most incredible quarterback plays in recent memory.

Even during his first season, Bills Mafia knew they had something special in Allen.

Allen’s hurdle is a moment that will live in the hearts of all Bills fans. This is when a lot of us knew, Allen is the real deal.

What’s next for Allen and the Bills?

Josh Allen and the Bills have already outsmarted all of humanity and science itself. Allen has established himself as one of the all-time greats in terms of Buffalo quarterbacks.

While his accolades have been nothing short of historic, there is still one more huge test for the talented quarterback.

All the hurdles, stiff arms, record-breaking performances, and “Go Bills” will fall short if he isn’t able to do the one thing that’s alluded the Bills franchise for their entirety.

Allen needs to bring a Super Bowl to the city of Buffalo to cement himself in history.

In the meantime, we’re going to enjoy this flashback and all that the face of the franchise has accomplished so far in his career.

It only feels fitting to end the article like Josh Allen ends every interview.

Go Bills!