The Buffalo Bills have had a few fights during the first week of training camp.

That’s not unusual — it seems like every day we’re hearing about a fight between teammates in the NFL.

Some of the Bills’ fights, however, have involved quarterback Josh Allen.

Now that is something you don’t always see.

On Thursday, Allen spoke about the fights and he took a strong stance — he thinks they can be a good thing.

“Sometimes it’s necessary,” said Allen. “Good teams sometimes fight. Guys want it so bad, guys are very competitive. Guys push each other. If you saw tempers flare again today, that’s all because we want to win.”

Bills linebacker Von Miller, who signed with Buffalo earlier this offseason, had a bit of a different reaction than Allen.

“When it comes to fighting out there, that is past my time,” said Miller. “It really is. Back when you’re young and you see someone on defense get in a fight you want to put your helmet on and run out there.”

“That’s past me, I can say that…Today I tried to stop them and they just pushed me out of the way. That’s why I need to just chill and step back and let these guys do what they’re going to do.”

There’s definitely a difference in age there — Miller is seven years older than Allen.

And with age comes wisdom, right?

There’s nothing wrong with a scuffle. As Allen said, it’s just a bunch of guys who want to win. Miller, however, has been through his fair share of that during his playing days. He wants to win as bad as anyone, but he’s at the point in his career where he can show some restraint.

Ultimately, I think Bills fans have to love the approach from Allen. There aren’t many players in the NFL hungrier than that guy.

Featured image via Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports