The Buffalo Bills are playing the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. That’s about all we know about it though as both the location and time of the showdown are in question. Why?

I believe some call it “football weather.”

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported on Thursday that the NFL is in contact with the Bills and Browns as the parties monitor a storm that could impact the league’s schedule as forecasts expect 3-to-6 feet of snow. Oh, and there’s a potential “thundersnow” to consider as well.

As Schefter points out in the tweet above, that could mean a change of venue like the one made in 2014 when the Bills had to face the New York Jets in Detroit.

However, legendary Bills beat reporter Sal Capaccio from WGR 550 indicates the real challenge might lie in surrounding logistics rather than playing the game. After all, sunny and dry conditions are expected by game time.

Could that mean a change of time instead of a venue change?

On social media, people are already speculating about a late start in order to get the Browns in safely and with sufficient time.

This is a situation to be monitored throughout the weekend.

The Bills are 8-point favorites heading into the game which is particularly interesting considering the weather factor.

If oddsmakers and sharps expected a tough environment for the actual game, perhaps the spread would be lower as the running game – an area in which the Browns have been more productive than the Bills – would carry more weight.

UPDATE: The NFL has officially moved the Browns vs Bills game to a new location.

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