In case it needs to be reminded, the Buffalo Bills (6-1) are dangerous. Following their latest win at the hands of the Green Bay Packers (3-5).

Led by MVP-favorite QB Josh Allen, who despite his worst game of the season, led the Cowboys to a double-digit victory at home.

Allen’s performance was by far his least inspiring of the season, completing 52% of his passes for 218 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions, all for a 75.1 passer rating.

Josh Allen, himself even acknowledged how much the play had deteriorated in the second half after a dominating first and second quarters. Taking responsibility for the turnovers.

The good news is it didn’t have much lasting effect. Despite losing safety Jordan Poyer, the Bills defense held their own despite giving up over 200 yards on the ground.

Adding plenty of pressure on QB Aaron Rodgers, forcing bad throws against receivers who can’t consistently create separation.

But that just adds to how dominant the Bills really are. Playing as bad as they did as a team, with their MVP QB playing his worst game and still coming out with a double-digit win.

There are not many teams in the NFL that would be able to sustain the win. However, it’s entirely possible that not only are Bills simply better on the field, but their leadership style is much more effective than Rodgers.

The Buffalo Bills will have more chances to prove this on the way to the post-season. Including a rematch against the Miami Dolphins (5-3), two games against the NY Jets (5-3) and NFC contender Minnesota Vikings (6-1).

Hopefully we don’t see a repeat performance from Allen in any of these games. But knowing the team’s ability to stay on track and still win is a comforting thought.

Mandatory credit: Jamie Germano of the USA TODAY NETWORK

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