The Buffalo Bills’ defense looked like a well-oiled machine in Thursday night’s 31-10 blowout win over the Los Angeles Rams.

Bills Mafia is right to be excited with Von Miller’s debut in which he sacked his former teammate Matthew Stafford twice. The Bills would finish the night with a staggering seven sacks on Stafford.

Yes, seven sacks is impressive, but how they got there was extraordinary.

Defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier was the mastermind behind it all and concocted one of this most brilliant game plans in recent memory.

The Bills were able to put pressure on Stafford without blitzing once. That’s right – seven sacks and not a single blitz was called.

This is the second game since the beginning of the 2021 season in which a defense did not blitz for the entirety of the contest. The other occasion came in the Bills’ Week 5 win over the Chiefs last season.

Let’s dig a little deeper.

Stafford is one of the best quarterbacks in the league against the blitz. Last season he posted a ridiculous 139.6 passer rating when blitzed.

Having Cooper Kupp as your panic button is a luxury nobody else in the NFL can compete with. But, when Stafford has to wait for routes to develop downfield, Frazier spotted a weakness.

Stafford looked out of sorts all night, throwing for just 240 yards and a touchdown with three interceptions.

Not only do the Bills boast one of the most talented rosters in football, but this coaching staff will pick opponents apart if they show even the slightest weakness.

Featured image via Gary A. Vaszquez / USA TODAY Sports