The Bears signed backup journeyman QB Trevor Siemian last week, which immediately raised questions about Nick Foles’ future in Chicago.

And for good reason. Foles’ familiarity with Matt Nagy and Nagy’s offense was the main reason Foles and Chicago “worked”. All bets are pretty much off now that Nagy is out of the picture. And Foles’ relationship with Nagy isn’t the only factor in this. The Bears have not received quality play from Foles since they traded for him and he also counts $10.67 million against the cap in 2022.

A trade would be the most ideal situation. GM Ryan Poles doesn’t have a lot of draft picks, even after the Khalil Mack trade. The Bears aren’t going to receive a headline-grabbing pick for Foles – they’ll likely receive a sixth- or seventh-rounder. However, they could use that hypothetical sixth or seventh to trade up maybe in the fifth or fourth round. Plus, it’s always nice to get something in return for a player as opposed to cutting them outright and receiving nothing in return.

Poles confirmed the Bears are trying to trade Foles on Tuesday.

“Nothing has popped up right now,” Poles told the media. “But we’re working on it. Hopefully something pops up.”

Poles’ comment falls in line with the recent reports that the Bears have been looking to trade Foles and that will continue after the addition of Siemian.

A pre- or post-June 1 trade nets the Bears whatever the receiving teams decides to send for Foles and creates around $4 million in cap room. If the Bears can’t find a trade partner, then a pre- or post-June 1 release creates around $3 million in cap room.

Since the bulk of free agency is over, it doesn’t seem like the Bears will release Foles at this point. They don’t need the cap room and the first/biggest wave of free agency has passed.

This doesn’t mean Foles is safe in terms of his roster spot. It’s far from that, actually. However, it’s not a terrible situation to be in if the Bears can’t trade or cut Foles.

The Bears aren’t in dire need of cap space and it’s not like Siemian is the best backup quarterback in the world. He went 0-4 as a starter with the Saints in 2021 and was eventually benched in favor of Taysom Hill. Foles represents not only another option in case something bad happens with Justin Fields, but he also has tremendous leadership qualities and has plenty of experience as a veteran quarterback.

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