Justin Fields has been a catalyst for the Chicago Bears‘ success recently, as the team has relied on Fields’ athleticism to keep the offense clicking more times than not.

The plan has worked on the field, Fields’ last two 100 yard rushing games are proof of that. In return, the Bears have found more success offensively than they’ve had in recent memory, and that in part has led to the Bears seemingly finding more ways to stay in games.

Which had been a problem for this team over the first month and a half of the season.

Now though, that plan seems to be backfiring for both Fields and the Bears, as the young star quarterback has begun to feel the physical setbacks of being a supreme running threat on the field.

Fields hurt his non-throwing shoulder late in the game against the Atlanta Falcons, when a seemingly harmless tackle, led to a hard fall for Fields on his left shoulder.

He took another hit on the shoulder during the same drive and he was seen wincing as he attempted to pick himself back up. Fields also appeared to be suffering through some hamstring discomfort during the game as well, which is another hindrance that Fields ran into, potentially as a result of running the football.

There’s no word on if this shoulder injury is significant, but the fact of the matter is the Bears might have to reconsider their schematic vision regarding Fields’ running ability.

As it could lead to injuries like the ones Fields suffered today.

Featured image via Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports