The Chicago Bears offense under Matt Nagy was a disaster.  

For a while, it was the quarterback, not the system, that was thought to be the issue. While Mitchell Trubisky was far from perfect under center with the Bears, the Nagy offense looked just as ineffective with Justin Fields in 2021.  

Despite the clear jump in talent the Bears got with Fields at quarterback, Chicago was the most sacked team in the NFL last season, and the offense ranked in the bottom five in touchdowns scored. 

With the clock now ticking on Fields and unrest setting in across Chicago, the pressure is on new Head Coach, Matt Eberflus, to build an offense around his young QB. 

While offense has never been a specialty of Eberflus, his supporting staff seems more than qualified to give Fields the offense that Bears fans have always dreamed of. 

Luke Getsy was hired as the Bears offensive coordinator after serving as the passing game coordinator and quarterbacks coach for the Green Bay Packers for three seasons. 

Getsy’s fingerprints have been all over Green Bay’s offense in recent years, and he was widely viewed as a big reason for the continued success of Aaron Rodgers, who repeatedly praised Getsy before his departure for Chicago.  

Now, Getsy will attempt to build an offense that allows Justin Fields to develop into the young star he can be. That already appears to be off to a great start. 

On recent podcast appearance by Matt Eberflus, the new Bears coach discussed the team’s new offensive identity and raved about how well Fields is understanding the system. 

“I think he’s in a great spot. He feels very comfortable in this offense,” Eberflus said of Fields. “It’s going to be very quarterback friendly for him. He’s really doing a good job of grasping it and helping teach it to the other players.” 

According to Eberflus, the Bears want to run an offense based in the west coast system, and the new offensive staff has put in the work to make it as digestible as possible, focusing on rhythm and timing. 

As is the case with any young quarterback, being comfortable is key. Easy ways to make that happen are by providing protection and comprehension to your quarterback. In order for Fields to have a long and successful Chicago Bears career, he needs a staff and system that plays to his strengths. He needs a system with an identity.  

On paper, this is just that. 

Eberflus and Getsy both seem to have a plan in place that will make Fields both comfortable and happy come the 2022 season. And if all goes well, Bears fans will find themselves delighted as well. 

Featured image via Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports