Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott has elevated his game to the next level as a passer this season. From a “Dink and Dak” type of thrower who primarily thrived on play action, to the all around quarterback we see today.

Not only has his passing improved, he is now a versatile thrower of the football. Throwing to more than just 1-3 primary players, through multiple levels.

For perspective, his stat line is only part of the story: 73% completion, 1813 yards, 16 touchdowns and 4 interceptions. It’s the way he’s spreading the ball, and how he’s managing to not be reliant on one player, one route, etc.

These are his passing charts, via NextGenStats:

There’s so much to be impressed about here. Not only is he completing shots down the field, but according to Sharp Football Analytics, Dak is completing over 50% across the field. He has more completed passes than incompletions or interceptions, in 0-10 yards, 11-20 yards, 21-30 yards and 31+ yards in the air.

His distribution is much more spread out than it ever has been. His 1st 5 seasons, he had 3-4 primary targets every season, and every other player got his ‘leftover’ targets. No longer does he limit himself to the same names each game.

The way he and offensive Kellen Moore are operating this offense is that the leading receiver changes week-to-week, based on the opponent.

Prescott’s distribution to Dallas Cowboys who’ve played in every game looks like this:

CeeDee Lamb – 48 targets 32 receptions (66.7% completion) 475 yard  4 TDs.

Amari Cooper – 43 targets 30 receptions (69.8% completion) 373 yards 4 TDs.

Dalton Schultz – 37 targets 31 receptions (83.9% completion) 359 yards 3 TDs.

Ezekiel Elliott – 20 targets 16 receptions (80% completion) 105 yards 1 TD.

Cedrick Wilson – 19 targets 14 recptions (73.7% completion) 168 yards 2 TDs.

Tony Pollard – 15 targets 15 receptions (100% completion) 115 yards.

Blake Jarwin – 14 targets 10 receptions (71.4% completion) 90 yards 2 TDs.

No one is being forced, and everyone is getting a piece of the pie.

The flow of the offense under Kellen Moore, combined with Dak’s improved passing is making the offense elite. Elite to the point where team can’t simply stop the run and force the Cowboys to throw.

Dak Prescott and this Dallas Cowboys offense won’t force the ball to anyone. The way he is leading this offense, everyone will get their targets, and the team will continue to succeed as a result.