If anyone who watched the Dallas Mavericks Fan Jam scrimmage was looking for high-quality basketball, I am sorry for your loss.

However, in covering the Fan Jam event on Sunday, there was one thing that stood out above the rest: Mavericks fans are hopeful about their team once again.

“It was time for a change here in Dallas,” Gordan Williams, a long-time fan of the Mavericks, said. “The team has a lot they can build on this summer, and that is what I am looking forward to.”

Williams was speaking of the drastic front office change that took place during the dog days of the NBA offseason. As we all know, Dallas replaced Donnie Nelson with Nico Harrison. The organization then hired Jason Kidd to be Rick Carlisle’s successor. And now, Kidd has brought in a new staff injecting fresh perspectives into a locker room that had soured on the old way of conducting business.

One of the benefits of the change was bringing in former New York Knicks forward Reggie Bullock. And he was a name that a slew of fans gushed about during Sunday’s community event.

“Reggie Bullock will probably make the most impact with his 3-and-D skills,” Raymundo, a younger Mavericks fan, said. “It’s just exciting man, and we have five more years of Luka [Dončić] too.”

It’s not just the new beggings that have fans excited for the upcoming season, it is also the prospect and potential that the Mavericks roster actually has a chance at getting better.

At least for Kevin Mantakul, that is what is keeping him engaged in what he deems a hopeful Mavericks season.

“I am really excited,” Mantakul said. “Surrounding Luka with defense and 3-point shooters is going to be really good… I feel really good about the Mavericks. And everyone else around me also feels really good about this team.”

When asked about a specific player Mantakul was excited to watch, he responded with four. He couldn’t just name one. And his excitement about this team, and this roster, is very representative of the entire event on Sunday afternoon.

For around an hour on Sunday, the team record, Kristaps Porzingis’ struggles, and questionable coaching decisions weren’t the topic of discussion. The word was simply excitement. However, it’s time to see if Dallas can live up to the excitement it’s built within the fan base.

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