There are moments where superstars remind you of how good they are in comparison to their peers.

For Luka Doncic, that moment was against the Boston Celtics Saturday night. As the game hung in the balance and overtime loomed, Doncic dribbled to his left, stepped back, and gave Dallas fans another moment in Luka Magic lore.

Doncic’s shot was true the moment it left his hands. Boston players couldn’t believe it. Dallas players celebrated in Boston’s disbelief. And regardless of how Boston may have felt, one thing wasn’t in question, Doncic did it again. He called game. There was never any doubt.

The result: Mavericks won 107-104.

“I think everyone knew the ball was going to 77 [Luka Dončić] and he delivered,” head coach Jason Kidd said after the game. “I understand he loves that moment and his teammates know that. And I would say that the other team knows the ball was going to Luka and there’s nothing they could do.”

Kidd should have said there is nothing Boston could do because Doncic did the same thing against them last season. In that game, he went to his left again. He stepped back again. And the shot rang true before Boston could blink.

Luka Magic must love going head-to-head against the Leprechaun. He’s 2-0 in bouts that need a last-second decision. And for Doncic, it boils down to trust in himself, his shot, and the work he puts into being one of the best 22-year-old players the NBA has ever seen.

“A lot of games are not going to go as I want to. But you know, just keep trusting my shot. I think today was way better,” Doncic said. “I was just trying to get to my spot in the last .5 [seconds] and I got it.”

There is little Doncic can’t do on a basketball court. He finished the game with 33 points. And he’s so spectacular that game-winning shots feel normal. One has to think a moment as big as Saturday night may finally push Dallas’ offense in the right direction.

Kristaps Porzingis’ return:

Outside of Doncic’s mysticism, Kristaps Porzingis appeared viable in his return. He scored when Dallas needed him to and claimed a huge block in the game’s closing moments.

It wasn’t seamless, but Dallas looked better with Porzingis in the fold instead of in street clothes. Questions surrounding his mobility and rust after missing a week of game action were quickly answered, with his willingness to move off-ball and cut to the basket.

He eased his way into 21 points and seven rebounds. And though it wasn’t perfect, Porzingis was happy with his first game back from injury.

“I’m so happy to be back out on the court,” Porzingis said. “It always sucks to not be able to play and help, and then on top, you have to put in all the cardio work to make sure you stay in shape, so playing is the fun part.”

Dallas’ next steps:

A win like Saturday’s can provide a middling team enough fuel to put together a solid stretch of basketball. And as Dallas gets injured players such as Reggie Bullock, Porzingis, and eventually Maxi Kleber back, fans are a few steps closer to seeing the ideal version of this team.

For Dallas to get to its idealized version of itself, more solid nights from Porzingis are needed. And until the organization finds a consistent secondary shot creator to help Doncic, more Luka Magic is expected.

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