The Dallas Mavericks are playing out of their mind and have become a team that can beat anyone on any given night.

One of the main reasons for their back-to-back wins has been due to the great play of Jalen Brunson.

He has really stepped up and come into his own even in the absence of Luka Doncic, who is still nursing his calf injury.

Brunson has been the glue all season long that held this team together as they dealt with numerous injuries and COVID cases to players.

Here are a few reasons why Brunson has been so dominant to start the first round of the playoffs.

Jason Kidd allowing him to be the floor general

Since Jason Kidd was appointed head coach earlier this offseason, you see how much several players have grown over the course of the season.

Brunson has been the biggest and most important surprise, and he became the second scoring option for the Mavs.

After last year’s playoffs, fans and media had their concerns he would never be a clutch performer.

So far in these three playoff games, he has scored at will and completely taken over games.

Aside from the 72 points in a 2-game span, what is most impressive is only one turnover committed.

Turnovers show a lack of control and focus, which Brunson has corrected, shows his leadership and maturity right in front of our eyes.

The Mavs now hold a 2-1 series lead due to the high-level play of Brunson, who looks to be unstoppable no matter who is guarding him.

Continuously attacking the rim/basket

We’ve seen in years past the Mavs taking way too many uncharacteristic shots, which hurt them in games.

Since the start of 2022, the team has worked hard to create their shots but being efficient is the difference.

The work Kidd and God Shammgod have done with Brunson has helped improve his overall game.

His ability to attack the basket and pull up from mid-range has been tough assignments for opposing defenses.

He has been a matchup nightmare as the Utah Jazz do not have a perimeter defender who can consistently take him on.

Kidd has put Brunson in positions where he can use his natural playmaking skills to gain advantages.

What’s Next?

The Mavs have one more road game this week in Utah before heading back to Dallas on Monday, April 25th.

Dallas can extend the series lead to 3-1 on Saturday night then wrap up the series on Monday.

Dallas has the momentum and their confidence is high, will that be enough to put the series away?

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