Russell Wilson came to the Denver Broncos hoping he would be the savior for a franchise that has seen some rather dark days, lately.

Things obviously haven’t worked out as planned for the 3-6 Broncos. And Wilson is far from the quarterback both he and the team thought he’d be.

But he can still be the savior he wanted to be when it comes to saving Nathaniel Hackett’s job.

2022 hasn’t been kind to Hackett for obvious reasons and there’s a good chance he won’t have the opportunity to make up for his shortcomings in 2023. That’s obviously speculation, but Hackett’s issues go well beyond the Broncos’ record. Everything has gone wrong, from game management to personnel decisions to providing answers in interviews.

But there’s one way Hackett can guarantee he keeps his job in 2023: get Russell Wilson back to the “DangeRuss” player we all knew before 2022.

The same guy that won a Super Bowl and has been in MVP conversations. The dynamic player that provided the Seattle Seahawks with its best era of football and only championship.

You know, that guy.

Hackett needs to win, obviously, but his main focus shouldn’t be turning the season around because that’s not going to happen. The Broncos are currently five spots out of the AFC’s final wild card spot and they’ve already lost to two of the five teams in front of them.

If the season does magically turn around, then that’s great. But Hackett needs to put the majority of his focus on Wilson.

Without deferring to “sunk cost” reasoning, it’s clear Wilson is Hackett’s main tie to the team in 2023 and beyond. If Hackett can show that Wilson can have consistent success at a high level in his offense, then that shows promise for the future.

It gives Hackett and Wilson the life they honestly haven’t had since August. Before things took a turn for the absolute worse.

I think he can do that, too. I mean, look at some of the quarterbacks he has been around and coached, like Aaron Rodgers during two MVP seasons. He was also the offensive coordinator for the 2017 Jaguars, when they went to the AFC Championship with Blake Bortles at quarterback. Hackett has a decent history in the NFL.

Granted Wilson has a job, too. He has to get his stuff together, especially if he wants to help save his friend’s job. There is no way around it, both have been disappointments.

Both guys have already shown they have a connection. It’s evident from the bond they formed back in March and throughout the summer.

Now, they need to show they have a future together. Because while there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding Hackett’s future in Denver, there’s one thing that’s crystal clear: Russell Wilson will definitely be in Denver in 2023.

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