The Denver Broncos are 2-1. They are currently in second place in the division, with the same record as the Kansas City Chiefs, who are first. However, if you were to listen to the media, you would never know the Broncos have a winning record.

The Raiders, they are winless. The Chargers, they are 1-2. However, all the focus is on how bad the Broncos are, even though they are still winning games.

Yeah, the Sunday Night Football game against the San Francisco 49ers wasn’t great. However, it was a win. Yes, it could have put a few people to sleep, but if you love defense it was just for you.

The team as a whole is getting a lot of disrespect, and so are the players. Even Russell Wilson, who was once one of the more respected quarterbacks around the league is getting shade thrown his way.

The worst part is, I’m not even talking about the fans, they will always hate. I’m talking about former players and now media members.

On Monday Night Football, the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants played each other on ESPN. If you watch the games, you know that there is the main broadcast, and the ‘Manning Cast,’ where the Mannings narrate the game and talks to players.

During a game that had absolutely nothing to do with the Broncos, 49ers, or Russell Wilson, this is what Former Giants quarterback Eli Manning had to say about the Broncos’ new quarterback.

“They should have paid that counter [Corliss Waitman] $235 million instead of Russell [Wilson],” Manning said.

In my opinion, Wilsons response was better.

“You talking about Chad Powers,” Wilson said with a chuckle when asked about the dig Manning took to him. “Yeah, you know, I’m 3-0 against Chad Powers.

“Listen, I think that it’s part of the game. Those guys are just having fun and everything else. I have a lot of respect for Peyton [Manning] and Eli [Manning], you know I have always looked up to those guys. I’m not stressing about it.”

While it is all fun and games right now, it won’t be later. The Broncos will get things together, because that’s what good teams do, and you can see this is a good team.

Wilson is a guy who never had bad things to say about people, and for Manning to say what he said out of the blue, was kind of weird.

I love the way Wilson responded, though, and to know he has kept up with things like that, means he has a mentality where he doesn’t forget things. That is the type of guy you want at quarterback.

Featured Image Via Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports