Coming into Sunday’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Kansas City Chiefs had a few advantages over their opponent. They had veteran playoff experience, something that few players on the Steelers had. And let’s not forget the Chiefs had the advantage over Pittsburgh in the fact that they beat them just three weeks prior.

Now, the focus is shifted to the Buffalo Bills, which have somewhat of the upper hand. Yes, the Chiefs have a home-field advantage. However, the Bills beat Kansas City earlier this year. They are both two completely different teams. But, the Bills have one other advantage that no one is talking about.

Buffalo Bills advantage over Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs have an advantage that not many other teams can compete with. Playing playoff games at Arrowhead is different, and it cannot be understated. The kingdom shows out every time.

The Chiefs have not lost a home playoff game in the last three years, meaning every game that they have lost was not at home. Think about that. The Chiefs have been the number one or two seed for the last three years, and have made three straight AFC Championship games and two straight super bowl games.

However, the Bills did just beat the Chiefs this year. It in fact was not pretty either. The 38-20 loss in week five is what set the world on fire about the Chiefs. It was the point of the season that turned everyone against Kansas City.

However, that was a long time ago, and both of these teams are very different. Both o these teams have struggled at times during the season. The big advantage though goes to the Bills, unfortunately.

Buffalo won their game on Saturday against the Patriots, and in blowout fashion. The Chiefs won their game against the Steelers in the same way, but on Sunday. These two teams will play each other on Sunday, meaning that the Buffalo Bills will have an extra day of rest or preparation than the Chiefs do.

In the playoffs, an extra day is huge, which is why the number one seed is such a big deal. With Buffalo having the extra day, the Bills can get refueled and rejuvenated a little more than can Kansas City.

While it may not seem like a big advantage, it definitely is. The Chiefs will have to deal with this though, and they will. Expect to see somewhat of a shootout this Sunday as the Chiefs try to make it to the AFC Championship.

Featured Image Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports