The Kansas City Chiefs will now go on to play the Buffalo Bills in the 2022 NFL playoffs after completely dominating the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday night. The Chiefs are looking hot at the right time, even better than the last time they played the Steelers.

There was zero doubt in Chiefs fans’ minds that they would win this game. There was doubt from Steelers players that they would win, just listen to the press conference from earlier this week.

“We don’t stand a chance,” said Ben Roethlisberger, in a somewhat sarcastic, but also serious tone. After the first quarter, the Steelers did not stand a chance, and here is why.

How Chiefs got things going after the first quarter

This Chiefs playoff win was fueled by both sides of the ball. The defense started the game amazing and in fact, did not give up a touchdown in the first half, but instead, the offense did.

The defense was the reason the Chiefs even gained a lead. Without the defense, there would be no large gap between the two teams.

It starts with the defensive line, who had themselves a day even if you can’t see it on the stat sheet. With four total quarterback hits, both Tershawn Wharton and Mike Danna were able to bring down the Steelers statue of a quarterback.

With that, the defensive line brought consistent pressure. This pressure made it easy for the defensive backs to cover the Steelers, who have a talented set of receivers.

Charvarius Ward played great with a pass deflection in the game. He was often matched up with Juju Smith-Schuster, Diontae Johnson, or Chase Claypool.

The defense could not have played a better game, in my opinion. Yes, people will look and say, “They gave up 21 points.” However, some of those were garbage time points. When it mattered, the Chiefs defense locked up and that’s why they won that game.

Featured Image Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports