Like the rest of the teams in the league, the Kansas City Chiefs released their schedule for the 2022 season Thursday evening. The schedule release was a bit different this year, as the anticipation built like no other. Case in point: NFL Network did a whole three-hour show on every team’s schedule release.

The Chiefs did a goofy, funny vibe, video for theirs, with coach Reid talking about the food he likes from each city. So overall, it’s a great time of year for football during the offseason.

The Chiefs and their fans now have the schedule, and can prepare for upcoming opponents accordingly. However, there are three matchups that look to be tough for Kansas City in 2022.

Chiefs’ toughest matchups in 2022

3. Week 12: Chiefs play the Rams after the KC’s bye week

The Chiefs have a tough matchup in Week 12, and there is no disputing that. While yes, Week 12 is a home game against the Los Angeles Rams, there are a few things that make this game difficult.

For starters, the Chiefs are playing the defending Super Bowl champions. Secondly, the Chiefs will be playing the defending Super Bowl champions after they have a full week of rest. Thirdly, the Chiefs will be playing the Rams after the midway point of the season, when players start breaking down. The last point could also work well in the Chiefs’ favor.

However, it helps that the Chiefs play the Rams after their by week, which will undoubtedly be a major help.

2. Week 6: Chiefs play the Bills on a short week

In Week 6 the Chiefs are playing their new “rival” in the Buffalo Bills. A team that has yet to beat a Patrick Mahomes-led Chiefs team in the playoffs.

Anyways, this game is going to be rough. The Bills want revenge for last year. As a matter of fact, I’m sure they need revenge. They didn’t even get a chance last year because of overtime, so they will be heated for sure.

Also, let’s not forget that their defense got even better with Von Miller now on the team. Another big reason this game will be tough is because of the short week. Kansas City will be playing the Las Vegas Raiders in Week 5 on Monday Night Football. That means that they will have one less day to prepare for the Buffalo Bills.

1. Week 2: Chiefs start the season on a tough schedule vs. Chargers

This one is very apparent why it will be tough for Kansas City. Let’s start by giving credit where credit is due. The Los Angeles Chargers went out and made some moves this off-season. They picked up Kahlil Mack and had a great draft. Let’s also start by saying the Chargers always play the Chiefs close.

Let’s not also forget this game will be four days after their previous one against the Arizona Cardinals. On Thursday night, the Chiefs may struggle against the Chargers. However, it is better to get the tougher ones out of the way at the beginning of the season.

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