As the yards, touchdowns, and most importantly, wins, continue to pile up, there is less and less doubt that Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is the best tight end to ever play in the NFL.

Kelce had yet another monstrous night against the Los Angeles Chargers as he racked up six receptions for 115-yards and and three touchdowns on 10 targets. None of the three touchdowns were bigger than his game-winning, 17-yard catch-and-run, however.

In the grand scheme of things, Sunday night represented Kelce’s 33rd 100-yard receiving game, which is now the most all-time.

And it looks like it’ll stay that way for a while because the guy he passed, future Hall of Famer Rob Gronkowski, doesn’t look like he’s returning to the gridiron anytime soon.

That’s right, Kelce passed Gronk for the most 100-yard games of all-time.

But he didn’t stop there when it comes to showing up Hall of Famers and future Hall of Famers, in Gronk’s case. Kelce now has a catch in 136 consecutive games, which is the longest streak in franchise history and is the second-longest streak in NFL history, per the Kansas City Chiefs Communications Department.

Meaning, he passed Chiefs legend Tony Gonzalez, who previously held the record of 135 consecutive games with a reception.

In terms of active players, Kelce is just four games behind DeAndre Hopkins (140) when it comes to taking the top spot.

The guy is relentless and unguardable. Both points were proven on the Kelce’s game-winner when he beat Chargers safety Derwin James in coverage and outraced everyone into the end zone. As a result, he’s climbed into and staked his ground into the best of all-time conversation.

“He just competes,” Patrick Mahomes said after the game. “At the end of the day, he’s going to keep fighting until the very end. And when you see that, not only is it impressive for him, but it gets other guys going.

“He’s one of the best -if not the best- tight ends of all-time. And he’s coming to work every single day to get better. And so that shows you whenever you step into facility, you’re like ‘Man, I’ve gotta get to work. If this guy’s doing it, I have to be able to at least match that.’

“That leadership that he brings, as well as the play he brings on the field, is special and it takes a lot off my shoulders.”

And from the looks of things, said conversation will be ongoing for quite some time.

**Stats provided by Kansas City Chiefs Communications Department**

Featured image via Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports