The Chiefs went from a rather benign offseason to making headlines within what seemed like a grand total of 10 minutes on Wednesday after they traded Tyreek Hill to the Dolphins.

While everyone is talking about Tyreek Hill, the focus will soon shift toward what happens with Mecole Hardman. The soon-to-be fourth-year receiver can make a huge jump in his game now that the Chiefs have dealt Hill. Or, Hardman can fall back into the shadows. There are so many things that can happen, and with how crazy everything has been, all of them need to be evaluated.

Scenarios for Mecole Hardman and the Chiefs

Hardman can make a huge jump

The Chiefs drafted Mecole Hardman as a prototype guy who fits nearly the exact mold as Tyreek Hill. However, he has not been able to produce like Hill has, but it’s hard for anyone to match Hill’s production, anyway.

However, Hardman has made significant improvements every single year, and the stats don’t lie. He’ll take over Hill’s role as the team’s deep threat and could even develop into a run-after-catch threat. Maybe now, we will see a player that can be fully unlocked.

Hardman could continue on the same path as a second thought

Hardman has been much of a second thought since being drafted despite being the third option on the Chiefs the last few years behind Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill. However, there’s a good reason why he was the third option. Those two are two of the best at their position.

Something that could happen is the same thing that has been happening, but with a different player. With JuJu Smith-Schuster now in Kansas City, Hardman could stay exactly where he is: as the third option.

Mecole Hardman could move back even further on the depth chart, or even be traded

There are still some great receivers out there on the market that Kansas City could target. Some of the most notable ones include Jarvis Landry, Julio Jones, and Odell Beckham Jr. The latter of which could be signed later in the off-season, as he won’t play until midseason, at the earliest.

Hardman could even be dealt during the off-season. At this point, it’s not anything we can rule out from happening. Also, let’s not forget the NFL draft is still approaching, and things could get even crazier. The Chiefs could also use some of their first-round picks on a receiver like Treylon Burks or even George Pickens.

It’s the NFL’s world, and we are just living in it, as its off-season only gets crazier.

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