The Kansas City Chiefs have now won seven straight. When everyone counted them out at 1-2, Chiefs Kingdom stayed faithful as always. Now with sole possession of the number one seed in the AFC, the Chiefs are in the driver’s seat, and the script has completely flipped.

However, things don’t get easier from here just because they have the number one seed. In what was originally thought to be an easy part of their schedule, is actually very difficult in the last four games they have.

Looking at the remaining games, The Chiefs have Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and Denver left, which is harder than it may sound. Not to mention, the Chiefs could possibly be without their best player this year in week 16. And no, it isn’t Patrick Mahomes.

Travis Kelce could miss week 16 on the COVID-19 list

It could easily be said that this year Travis Kelce has been the best player on the Kansas City Chiefs this year. That is not taking anything away from Patrick Mahomes who is having a down year. However, Travis Kelce has been spectacular, as was he on Thursday night against the Chargers.

The Chiefs could be without the league’s best tight end on Sunday when Kansas City will play the Steelers. Pittsburgh was a huge help to the Chiefs last week, as they beat Tennessee and gave the Chiefs sole possession of the number one seed.

With the possibility of Kelce not playing on Sunday, the Chiefs will have trouble moving the ball downfield. They have had trouble doing that this year with both Kelce and Hill on the field. Taking one of them away will make it much easier on the Steeler’s defense.

While Pittsburgh has struggled all season offensively, their defense is still very good. The Chiefs will already have to deal with T.J. Watt, which is a huge task in itself. Now, they can single in on Tyreek Hill, without worrying about Travis Kelce.

Featured Image Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports