We have said it so many times over the last few years or so. Not only have Chiefs fans said it, but other fans and media members have said it: Travis Kelce is one of the best tight ends in football, if not the best.

But now, you can go ahead and scratch that phrase. Not because it is no longer true, though. Instead, change the phrase to Travis Kelce is one of the best receiving options in the NFL.

Kelce’s legacy grows with each passing year. It feels as if the Chiefs tight end is both changing the game and changing the position he plays. It also feels like every year he is breaking a new record of some sort – whether it be a franchise record or an NFL record. However, there is now a stat that proves Kelce is not only one of the best receiving options in the NFL, but that he is also one of the most dominant.

Chiefs’ Travis Kelce is one of the best to play the game

Travis Kelce tied Dawson Knox for the most receiving touchdowns (9) among tight ends in 2021. He led all tight ends in receiving yards (1,125) and receptions (92). Those two numbers were better than receivers named CeeDee Lamb, Tee Higgins, Mike Evans, and Terry McLaurin.

While that is a lot to take in, those stats all show his dominance. However, that is not even the most important stat for the discussion of how dominant he has been.

Since 2016, Travis Kelce has the most receiving yards in the NFL. He has more than any other tight end, and his 7,269 receiving yards outpace second-place Davante Adams’ total (7,192) by nearly 100 yards. Kelce also has the third-most targets (565), second-most receptions (804), and sixth-most touchdowns (47) over that span, as well.

Those numbers show why he is one of the best receiving options in the NFL.

A tight end should not be at the top of a list like that. Especially in today’s pass-happy NFL.

For anyone who is using Patrick Mahomes as an excuse for the stat is also wrong. Patrick Mahomes didn’t play till 2018, which means there were two years of Travis Kelce being dominant with Alex Smith. Either way, it’s practically impossible to argue against Kelce’s elite status.

And if you do, well, good luck.

Featured Image Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports