No one expected this. Of course, no one thought the Chiefs would just blow Tennessee out of the water, but no one thought it would be the other way around. Watching Tennessee last Monday night dissect the Bills and come away with a win, would be trouble for Kansas City. However, once again, no one expected this.

If this game does not put Tennessee as one of the front runners in the AFC, then I am not sure what will. This is a team who beat statistically the best team in the NFL in Buffalo. Now, they are up big at the half on the team that was favored to return to the Super Bowl. How did the Chiefs get here today?

Chiefs Defense not holding up vs. Titans

What I wrote last week about what the Chiefs need to do to stop the Titans is exactly the opposite of what is happening. The Chiefs needed to completely forget about stopping Derrick Henry and worry about the big plays down the field.

This Chiefs defense cannot get anything to go for them, which is not helping the offense either. Yes, the offense could receive some of the blame for this huge game thus far. However, who is letting the Titans score 27, not the offense?

Kansas City has now given up 27 points in the first half to this lethal Titans offense. How you may be asking? Well, the Chiefs are allowing the Titans receivers to have way too much space and making great plays after the catch.

While Kansas City is playing terribly, they have played much worse. In 2018 in the AFC Championship against the New England Patriots, they would find themselves down 30-0 at the half. Yes, the Chiefs would still lose, but they gave themselves a chance in the end. Hopefully, this team can step it up in the second half as they did then, as they have a 27 point deficit.

Featured Image Credit: Andrew Nelles / / USA TODAY NETWORK