For the first time this season, the Kansas City Chiefs defense came to play, and it felt great to see. Now, obviously, this type of play will not be replicated in every game. However, the defense stepped up and left it to the offense to win the game on their own terms.

Now, for the second time this season, the Chiefs are back at .500. This means for at least the second time this season, we can ask if they are getting things back on track.

If they are indeed heading back in the right direction, what better team to play than one as dysfunctional as the Washington Football Team. This is a franchise that does not even have a name, and as expected, the Chiefs showed who the better team was.

This was a great way to get the team morale back up after a crushing loss to Buffalo last week. Not only that but a great way to build up confidence for a defense that has struggled all year.

Kansas City Chiefs defense looked elite vs. Washington

The Kansas City defense did something they haven’t all year, and I’m sure fans couldn’t be more proud of their team, especially on that side of the ball. This is what we have been waiting from the defense all year. To do what they did, with the players they were missing such as Chris Jones and Charvarious Ward, is a big accomplishment.

This is the first time this season the defense has held an opponent to under 29 points. Not only did they do that, but Kansas City held the Washington Football Team to under 15 points. The Chiefs did that just three times last year.

There were some impressive stats from this game on the defensive side of the ball for Kansas City. To start, the Chiefs dominated this game in terms of chances. The Chiefs’ defense consistently created more opportunities for the offense by getting stops.

Washington had 12 total drives in the game, one more than Kansas City, but still had 20 fewer plays ran than the Chiefs. Kansas City was able to force punts and three and outs so often that the first down count was 29-15 in the Chiefs favor.

Obviously, not every opponent will be as bad as Washington. However, if they can somehow bring their level of play on defense to a level similar to this, the opportunities are endless.

Featured Image Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports