The Kansas City Chiefs played their second preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals, which ended in a win for the Chiefs. While the starters only played some of the first half, both teams played football, and that’s what we missed.

Now that football is back, we can do some more overreacting. Yes, it’s preseason play, but we all love to overreact. However, let’s not overreact about the wrong things. For example, the interception Patrick Mahomes threw in the first half, don’t even worry about it.

When assessing these games, we need to mainly look at guys who don’t get a lot of reps. This is so we can get a better feel for if they have improved or not. In this case, there were some backups on offense who had great performances.

Chiefs good performers on offense

The Chiefs backups performed well against the Cardinals, in particular two of the backup quarterbacks. The first of the two we saw would be Chad Henne, who played in a playoff game and won the game against the Browns last season.

He dropped a few dimes in this one, including a prayer in the end zone while falling down to Mecole Hardman. Henne did not get much playing time but did finish 6/8 for 82 yards and a touchdown.

After Chad Henne came out of the game, Shane Buechele would make an appearance. While he did not get much time either, he still showed some great flashes while making some good throws.

The former SMU quarterback went 9/11 in the game, showing great efficiency. While he did throw an interception, his excellent play almost made up for it with 115 yards and a touchdown.

There has been a lot of hype around the backup tight end Noah Gray. In some form, we saw precisely why against Arizona. While he did not score or have a ton of stats, Gray did some things that do not show up in the stat sheet.

Noah Gray, a former Duke tight end, displayed great hands in his game against the Cardinals. With three catches for 22 yards, Gray did not have a drop, and was targeted just as many times. However, he displayed great run blocking skills in this game.

The Chiefs may not use a few of these players much during the season, but it is good to know that if they need to, they will be ready.

Featured Image Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports