We can say it again, and again, yes, it is preseason. No, it does not count. However, the Chiefs had something going on in their last preseason game against Arizona that was very good to see.

Besides the defense, if there were any holes on this team, it was within the running game. Now, with Clyde Edwards-Helaire out with an ankle sprain for some time, the backups will get more reps.

That is exactly what we saw from Kansas City on Friday night, a team that utilized their backs very well. The Chiefs looked impressive, whether it was handing the ball off, getting yards on the ground, or hitting the backs through the air. However, three of the Chief’s running backs may have outperformed their stock.

Chiefs backs show out in Arizona

Derrick Gore

Derrick Gore came out of nowhere. The 26-year-old back came in the game and immediately dominated on the ground. I’m sure I was not the only one who was surprised. He played about as well as a one can who is limited and thrown in the fire.

The former UL Monroe running back did not get a ton of carries due to the nature of the game they were playing. However, he did more than enough with the time he was given. Gore finished with eight carries for 54 yards and hit gaps hard, showing his ability to bounce off defenders.

Darwin Thompson

Darwin Thompson, a back who was drafted by the Chiefs just a few years ago, has been putting in work this offseason. A video surfaced of Thompson staying after practice to run up the hill in St. Joseph a few times during training camp.

The work is showing for sure, especially in the game on Friday night against Arizona. Thompson put up 49 yards with just eight carries and, much like Gore, made good use of his limited time. Something we haven’t seen, Thompson also caught a few passes out of the backfield as well.

Jerrick McKinnon

Jerrick McKinnon, an offseason signing, has made a huge impact on Kansas City already. The former 49ers running back has struggled with injuries his entire career. However, now that he is healthy, he looks great.

It has not been an impressive running game. With just three yards on the ground, the Chiefs know what he does best. However, through the air, McKinnon is dangerous. McKinnon had just three receptions on Friday but managed to finish with 21 yards and a touchdown. Not to mention McKinnon has been doing work in the return game as well.

With Clyde Edwards-Helaire out for a bit, these guys need to take advantage of the situation. Hopefully, they can continue to produce and make an impact on this team.

Featured Image Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports