The Kansas City Chiefs lost a blowout game on Sunday to the Tennessee Titans in which the game did not see the Chiefs on the right side of the blowout. No one saw this coming, and if someone said they did, they were lying to you.

Now, this could be something expected if Patrick Mahomes was not playing. And people who did not watch the game will see that Mahomes left early, and give them an excuse. However, Patrick Mahomes left only eight minutes early and did not play well at all.

This team is struggling mightily, and there is no more hiding their flaws. There need to be no more making excuses for this team losing, but that is a different article for a different day. The Titans obliterated the Chiefs, and we have to acknowledge that, as much as we may not want to.

Kansas City Chiefs can’t keep up with Titans in revenge game

The Chiefs did not start the game well at all, as discussed in a previous article. Kansas City could not stop anything. Actually, let’s rethink that. They could stop something, that being Derrick Henry, who had less than 40 rushing yards at the half.

The Chiefs did what they wanted to do at the half, and that was to contain Derrick Henry. However, they forgot that there are 10 other players on the field.

The Chiefs could not get any type of offense to go either, and that all started with the quarterback and the offensive line. Patrick Mahomes played maybe one of the worst games he has ever played.

With an interception and a fumble or two, Mahomes looked like an amateur out there. He just did not look like himself, and much of the credit can go to the Titans defense, who was pressuring him all game.

This was the first time in a regular-season game that Mahomes and the Chiefs have never scored a touchdown in the game. The problems are there, and it may be time to have another talk about what is next for this team.

Featured Image Credit: Andrew Nelles / / USA TODAY NETWORK