I guess the matchup between Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson can finally be considered a rivalry now that the Ravens got a win in the series over the last few years. Prior to Sunday night’s game, the Chiefs and Mahomes were 3-0 against Jackson and Baltimore.

The game was very exciting, as the matchups between these two usually are. At the start of the game, it was already looking to be another victory for the Chiefs. Just three plays into the game, Jackson threw a pick-six to Tyrann Mathieu.

So right off the bat, the Chiefs were already up 7-0 on the Ravens, and the offense hadn’t even taken the field yet. We should have known it was going to be a battle, as these games always are. The score was just always lop-sided. Even though it still is, Lamar finally beat Mahomes.

Even in a close loss like this one, there can be some good things to take away. However, the majority of the things I took away, were bad. Here are three things you, the fans, should take away from this loss.

Chiefs three takeaways from loss to Ravens

Deja-Vu of 2018 run defense

The Kansas City Chiefs held the Ravens to just 251 yards on the ground. That sounds awful, but it is true. It should give fans flashbacks of the run defense of 2018, which was one of the league’s worst.

To make matters even worse, the Ravens trotted out some random running backs that were either undrafted or just picked up off the waiver wire. And then there is Lamar Jackson, who, take nothing away from him, was stellar. However, anytime he wanted to run the ball, he did, picking up first down after first down.

Chiefs did a good job getting others involved

Obviously, Travis Kelce had himself a day, but when does he not. We know that either Kelce or Hill will go off, or sometimes both. While this game was not Hill’s greatest, other receivers were able to get involved as well.

Mecole Hardman was the second highest targeted receiver with eight targets and finished with 55 yards. Demarcus Robinson, who has shown flashes of big plays throughout the last few years, had an amazing 30-yard touchdown catch.

Byron Pringle, whom we have not seen much of so far, made an outstanding play for 40 yards to put up a score. Even Blake Bell, the backup tight end had himself a catch he ran for 20 yards after, getting the Chiefs a big first down. The team was working together on offense well, the defense was not all there.

Ravens way more physical

There is no doubt about it, watching the game, Baltimore was the more physical team. It is almost like they wanted to win more, and Kansas City just expected to win.

Lamar Jackson was hungry to finally win one of these matchups, and he showed physicality as well. He even lowered his shoulder and trucked someone on a run.

The Ravens were hitting harder. They were playing harder, and they wanted it more. That is simply what the overall feeling of the game looked like from my perspective.

Next week, the Chiefs will need to fix things before playing the Chargers. While Kansas City has dominated that matchup over the last few years, they are no slouch this year. Justin Herbert is the real deal, and they are looking for a win after losing to the Cowboys.

Featured Image Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports