Davante Adams and Derek Carr are the best of friends. They went to college together, and even dominated the competition at Fresno State, combining for over 3,000 yards and 30 touchdowns in two seasons. Now the two are elite players on the Las Vegas Raiders.

The two got drafted in 2014, Carr to the Raiders and Adams to the Packers. Prior to playing together in the NFL, they both saw a bit of success.

Carr had finished as an MVP candidate in 2016 and has since been a Pro Bowler three times.

For Adams, he is widely considered the best receiver in the NFL. He has since been an All-Pro twice and a Pro Bowler five times.

On Sunday, it was their first time playing together in nearly 10 years. However, it probably didn’t go the way they had originally planned it.

“It felt great, it felt great,” Adams told the media after the game. “You know, obviously, we don’t want to take any moral victories out of it, but we did a lot of good things out there…

“There’s a lot of good stuff to build off of, but we did fall short. Winning is the goal in this league and for this team specifically. We have got to tighten up and come back ready to play next week”

The Chemistry is what a lot of people were worried about, was still there. And it was fair to wonder if they would still have the chemistry after not playing together for nearly a decade because that’s logical.

However, they were able to connect 10 times on the 17 targets. Adams finished with 141 yards and a touchdown in the game.

The two were connecting, but something has to change.

I know Adams is going to think that some of the blame falls on him, but it really doesn’t. He played a very good game against the Chargers, and could have been better had Carr and the offensive line being a bit better.

Carr had two fumbles and three interceptions in the game. I think if you take away two of those interceptions, the two in the second half, the Raiders could have easily put themselves in a better position to win that game.

Then again, the offensive line was also putrid in the game, a big reason some of those things happened.

I think the Raiders will be fine, especially with Adams and Carr playing catch. Now, they must shift their focus to the Arizona Cardinals, who were just obliterated by the Chiefs.

Featured Image Via Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports