Josh McDaniels has somehow evaded a firing, despite the Las Vegas Raiders sitting in the basement of the AFC West.

And by the look of it, McDaniels isn’t going anywhere. Team owner Mark Davis gave the coach a strong backing in the media earlier this week. But Davis wasn’t the only one. Raiders star wide receiver Davante Adams backed McDaniels, despite the disappointing season.

“I’ve always had, I don’t know if the feeling is the right word, but at least hoped that that’d be the case and they’d be patient with the whole process,” Adams told reporters when asked about Davis sticking by McDaniels, per the team. “I mean, you look at the history of this place and I don’t think a playoff game has been won in over 20 years here. So there’s no magic coach that’s going to come in and change that.

“And I think that Josh is doing a great job. And he does deserve that (support) in my mind,” Adams continued. “I think that we can all be better in certain instances but, you know, some of the greatest coaches this league has seen had some tough times. And I’m sure they didn’t all come out the block sprinting like Usain Bolt starting their career off, or starting with a new organization.”

Not the only one

Davante Adams wasn’t the only one who stated belief in McDaniels. Raiders quarterback Derek Carr, who hasn’t been impressive this season, also echoed his confidence in McDaniels’ coaching ability. And both Adams and Carr believe putting this situation behind the team will help everyone re-engage.

“I think it’s a good move by him (Davis) doing that,” Adams said. “It’s good for Josh and it’s good for the rest of the guys, too.”

Just because the team says they still believe in him doesn’t mean it’s true. The Raiders are now looking at a draft position as opposed to playoff probabilities.

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