The Las Vegas Raiders finally picked up a win last week. And on Monday, the Raiders have to run into the buzzsaw that is the Kansas City Chiefs.

Yet, the recipe to win is actually quite simple. To beat the Chiefs, the Raiders need to do exactly what they did last week — run the ball.

Against the Denver Broncos, Raiders running back Josh Jacobs ran for 144 yards on 28 attempts. He also racked up two touchdowns, as his play helped limit how many times quarterback Derek Carr needed to throw the ball.

“When it’s time to close, we run it,” Jacobs said. “If we run it, I am going to close.”

Carr, often mistake-prone when forced to throw the ball a bunch, has a solid run game that head coach Josh McDaniels needs to tap into.

Running the ball is necessary

Jacobs has been one of the better running backs for the Raiders during his time spent there. And though the addition of the star wide receiver Davante Adams is exciting, the Raiders should still stick to what has brought them success in the past — the run game.

When things haven’t gone right this season for the Raiders, it has been when the team got away from its given identity. In the loss to the Arizona Cardinals, the Raiders would have won if they ran the ball.

Jacobs admits that.

“We asked for this situation,” Jacobs said. “Against Arizona, we didn’t finish it the way we were supposed to. So I just reminded the guys, if it’s time to close, I can finish it.”

It is not surprising that the Raiders’ one win on the season comes when the team rushed for 212 yards, 144 of which came from Jacobs.

The evidence is clear, despite having Adams, Las Vegas is a better football team when it runs the football.

To take down the Chiefs, it starts with Jacobs, and it very well may finish with him.

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